what is Co-Vid 19 doing to us…..

Our lives have officially changed since March 16th, 2020

Last Monday started off like any other Monday. (1)Arrive to the office at 8:45 am, (2) make the daily task list, (3)check emails, (4)prepare for the Executive Leadership Meeting, (5) Do follow ups, (6) remind yourself to eat lunch and then wrap up with more emails and maybe a conference call, EXCEPT… this Monday came with a crippling surprise.

This Monday in particular we got our first CO-VID 19 case here in The Bahamas. I thought to myself, “well we prepared for this here at my work place should be smooth sailing.” I was wrong. I didn’t realize what it would really mean, especially since I put in the back of my head the hurricane that nearly destroyed us. We’re just now getting over that. But as my thoughts race into other thoughts I find myself now packing up my office to relocate work to home, another thought I expected to be an easy transition. I figured working from home would allow me the flexibility to handle more projects, spend more time with the kids, get in more sleep, take my much anticipated trip to Florida to kick back and relax before “the Apocalypse”occurs. Boy was my imagination taking me for a ride. LOL…reeled allll the way in!

image: by Scharad Lightbourne

We are now on day 8/9 of the curfew imposed at home. Every non-essential working person has been ordered stay at home until March 31st as a practice of social distancing. Who would’ve thought not leaving the house would be such a see-saw kinda experience. On one hand I’m cool with being home because I love being home, but on the other hand, everyone here is about to kill each other from scalp to toenails. Can we socially distance in the house?! Clearly that’s impossible. I find myself yelling profanities at the mop and broom, kissing my teeth at the TV when it won’t cooperate, slapping my keyboard profusely because the WI-FI is shotty due to every phone and electronic device being connected and making nasty faces at everyone even the dog because we’ve just damn well had enough of the invasion of personal space. I’ve stepped away from my computer perhaps 2 hours max out of a 10 hour plan-work-call-execute working format and my kids have assignments being thrown into my emails like scholastic vomit! “I hate it here” has been the look on my face every time I have to hear a fight, a refusal to eat something prepared, a missed assignment that still has to be done and the need for some meditation time and to top it off the PM mandated us to stay inside 24 hours a day until further notice.

Shoot me! well maybe not lol…. even with all that is going on around us I still feel blessed. There are 13,000 + people dead in the world right now, people are losing jobs, homes, love and so much more. I quickly jump out of my feelings when I realized how blessed I was and I made a plan and it starts with “USING YOUR INSIDE VOICE”. Yes I know its in shouty capitals but I want to get my point across. Before we start complaining aloud about how much it sucks to be home, a place where Ironically we’ve complained to be for so long, lets recount all of the things and people we are so blessed to have. Also, allow each other the freedom of space. Find a place in your home, whether it be a room, a corner, outside, or wherever for alone time. Respect each other’s space and ensure that you don’t become so distant that you don’t reconnect. Bring it down a notch with the attitudes, the tone, the sarcasm, show how thankful you are of the persons you live with, be mindful of the persons who unlike us, do not have a shelter, clean running water, or access to sanitary products. This is the time to remain humble and in prayer and enjoy each other while we have the time.

How has this virus affected you?

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