“the rest is still unwritten until then read what already is written” – Enjoy my blog filled with parts of me.

Let’s “FACE” it.

How do we get better skin? How do we maintain the skin we’re in? Is there such a thing as slowing down the aging process? I’m finding new “friends” on my skin every day, moles, fine lines, beauty marks and more…. Early on in life, most of us, if we were lucky never had to … Continue reading Let’s “FACE” it.

My Corona-cation

March 17th, 2020 will be forever etched in my head. COVID-19 was making itself popular around the world not just in name but statistics. China had singlehandedly brought the world to its knees and the pause button was pressed. I found myself confined to a safe bubble at home for what would be the next … Continue reading My Corona-cation


Alo Yoga Gym Shark Women Nike Women Body Engineers Women Forever 21 active Adidas women Girlfriend Collective Fabletics Spiritual Gangster Carbon 38 Alala I must say over the years I’ve expanded my wardrobe to include most of these brands. The price range for an average kit can range from $-$$$ check out some of the … Continue reading FIT FASHION


How many of us find ourselves on the struggle bus when it comes to controlling what we eat? We often think the fitness journey is all about working out, drinking up the protein shakes and lifting heavy weights. Its’ so much more than that. The big part of whole body transformation/maintenance is what you put … Continue reading HEALTHY EATING HABITS


Have you created your bucket list of places to go and have written down particular reasons why those places? Well my travel bucket list includes visiting every continent for starters (4 down 3 to go) then of course going to every major track and field event until my son is old enough to compete professionally … Continue reading DOHA HAPPY THINGS

Poached egg somebody?

Have you ever made poached egg? Well I challenged myself the other day to make it and I was pleasantly surprised at the end result. Considering I don’t even eat egg yolks mainly because of a dairy intolerance I wasn’t sure how I would ingest it or make it successfully. But being the amateur “barefoot … Continue reading Poached egg somebody?


what is Co-Vid 19 doing to us….. Our lives have officially changed since March 16th, 2020 Last Monday started off like any other Monday. (1)Arrive to the office at 8:45 am, (2) make the daily task list, (3)check emails, (4)prepare for the Executive Leadership Meeting, (5) Do follow ups, (6) remind yourself to eat lunch … Continue reading USE YOUR INSIDE VOICE

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