Lounge Wear Worries

Who else wakes up everyone on what seems like day 1,657 of the quarantine and asks themselves, “what should I put on today? Should I bathe, change my pajamas, brush my teeth, comb my hair, put on lip gloss?” Ok so when you’ve decided to get dressed what do you end up wearing?

If some of us were to show how we looked through out the day most of the outside world would scream probably, LOL. Don’t lie, who right now as you’re reading this have on the same outfit from yesterday? raise your hand, no judgement. I wanna know….

What are you wearing during the quarantining?

We’ve entered week 3 of the “stay at home” order, things are slowly changing and I’m adjusting to the new normal. On day one of week one, I thought ok, I got this. Being a true Libra I started to organize myself and make lists of important items to take self care of. I got my gel nail polish removed and filed down my nails, went for one last brow wax before I took it on myself, got my hair braided, made a grocery list, cleaned out my home office and got us all on schedules, made a fitness regimen and facetime/imessage chat schedule to keep up with my folks abroad while we are at home…. Now I can relax.

Well I wasn’t prepared for what relax meant in a wardrobe sense. It went something like this.

  • Week 1, Day 1: still cute hair pulled back in a pony tail, #nikewomen cotton sweats on with crop top and socks
  • Day 2: pool day – pulled out a Minka BLue bikini and cover up and later an ankle length sun dress
  • Day 3 – 5: Hair finally braided before the lock down and confused on what is now considered cozy
  • Day 6: Day Pajamas to Night Pajamas
  • Day 7 was when I realized I didn’t have a plan to stay comfortable and cute

I know that staying cute is the least of our worries during this time but for some people depression or anxiety kicks in hard, emotions are heightened and self confidence is being challenged. It’s important to find ways to settle and stay in control of our mental health through this period. So the occasional dress up routine is just one way of coping.

Here are a few ways you can jazz up your wardrobe, overall and mood during this quarantine period.

  • Instead of wearing bonnets and head clothes, alternate with turbans, head scarves and head bands.
  • make the lips pop with some colored or flavored lip gloss
  • I often add a touch of vaseline to my eye lids for extra glow (it also helps to moisten and brighten dark lids)
  • pick out at least 1 day of the week to get dolled up for yourself – the inside edition
  • put out day and night pj’s , make sure the day ones are cute enough to feel sexy but cozy enough to take a zoom meeting
  • Find 3 basic bottoms and 3 cute tops and alternate wearing them
  • change your earrings out every few days
  • Fix your hair. Either get braids done or braid down your hair yourself so you won’t have to fix it every day. Keep it tied down at night for a fresh look in the morning and don’t forget to lay those edges.

check out one of my favorite sites for at home chill looks below:


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