Let’s “FACE” it.

How do we get better skin? How do we maintain the skin we’re in? Is there such a thing as slowing down the aging process? I’m finding new “friends” on my skin every day, moles, fine lines, beauty marks and more….

Early on in life, most of us, if we were lucky never had to worry about skin issues like acne, dark circles, eczema, uneven tone or even sunburn. I’ve been fortunate to be one of those persons to not suffer any severe skin concerns for most of my life, with the exception of skin reactions due to allergies, I’ve been ok. However as time passes and I get older I notice the inevitable happens, AGING! As we get older we see changes in our facial appearances like:

  • laugh lines become deeper
  • faint crows feet appear at the eyes
  • forehead wrinkles creep in
  • cheeks droop and sag
  • skin texture changes
  • dark circles under the eyes
  • intense oily or dry skin
some of my goodies

In my entire life, I’ve only ever had 2 facials. The first being December 2019 and the other in February of 2020. I enjoyed the experiences and for the most part did it out of curiosity. But I’ve always had a routine that has worked for me. A lot of folks ask me what I do on a daily and admittedly nothing much. Here’s some do’s and don’ts of facial skincare that I follow and you should consider to:

  • Drink enough water to keep the skin hydrated
  • exfoliate once a week
  • moisturize with creams not oil based lotions (oil free moisturizers help prevent acne)
  • apply a serum during the night
  • use vitamin C on the face and Vitamin E on the skin (coconut oil is life)
  • learn how to do proper extractions
  • Wash your face with warm water to open pores
  • Rinse your face with cold water to close pores
  • NEVER sleep with make up on (make up wipes is not a cleanser you must wash your face after)
  • use Salicylic acid to gently exfoliate at night if you’re acne prone
  • Use an SPF 75 if not wearing make up though the day and SPF 50 minimum if you wear make up
  • Keep the dairy intake low,- dairy is food for acne (and sinus flare ups)
  • Invest in a facial steamer and facial brush
  • do not rub the face to dry after washing, gently pat the face or allow to air dry
  • sleep on satin pillows and wash them a least twice a week (cotton pillows dry the skin and hold bacteria longer)

Here’s what I usually do once a week….

My life can sometimes be hectic and so I set aside some time to focus on my face once a week. My routine is usually, to clear my face with make up wipes, then steam with an ionic steamer, then I apply a light cream based moisturizer to ensure than when I extract blackheads, dirt and oil am I gentle enough to not break the skin, once I’ve completed that then I wash my face with a facial brush and a cleanser to remove the excess dirt and dead skin, pat dry and apply a cooling hydrating mask for 10 minutes. I then rinse the mask and apply a vitamin c serum and then relax.

Some products I use on my face weekly


Be mindful that there are many underlying causes for acne, dry skin, uneven skin tone etc… so finding out what works best for your skin as you age is key. Hormones, poor eating, drink too much alcohol, stress, lack of bowel movement, dirty pillows, unclean make up brushes, using wash clothes and sponges, genetics and climate all contribute to unhealthy skin so making sure that you are maintaining all of the above is key to changing the appearance of the skin.